The design of the packaging influences the protection of the product and the actual cost of the material, but also has an effect on the cost of transport, the warehouse space and the time of packaging.
We optimize the interior space of your packaging and reduce the logistics costs of those customers with needs to issue their grouped items. Thanks to our solutions for the interior, we improved the use of space and managed to compile the largest number of products in a single load.
We have developed a packaging that contributes and improve the efficiency of the logistics and production processes of the client and that meets the necessary protection and resistance requirements at the same time.
Packaging systems
Packaging in bags
The best solution for those packaging needs that provide little weight to the product and that, in addition, require flexibility and resistance at the same time. Ideal for sending products safely and economically.
This packaging system is estimated for pieces that do not have an external vision, so they need a protection inferior to other systems.
Packaging in cardboard
Cardboard is undoubtedly one of the most versatile packaging solutions and offers many benefits to users. Cardboard boxes can be of unlimited sizes and shapes, very light, with high resistance to stacking and 100% recyclable.
The efficiency of a cardboard box to protect, transport and store your products can be further improved with the interior fittings and the combination of other materials.
Without limit of form, the foams are a very reliable protection against shocks and vibrations, do not leave residues and ensure the safe transport of your objects and products.
With an excellent mechanical behavior, the foams allow to fix your products at the same time that guarantee a perfect protection against shocks.
Packed in paper sacks
The heavy duty paper bags protected inside by fluffy paper are a solution to the problems of space in transport.
Packaging in wooden boxes

The packaging in wooden boxes is a guarantee of safety, quality and robustness.

It allows easy mechanization and adaptability as well as excellent stacking capacity and are suitable for heavy goods.

This type of packaging is completed with other packaging materials, such as plastics and foams, in order to fix it inside.

Wooden containers are required for the transport of spare parts and parts, such as sheet metal, motors, glass, etc.